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Anyone can claim to be committed to users' satisfaction for the success of their projects, but it is a challenge to be credible…
For a fast evaluation of our product and services, our users have access to a private space with relevant documents and innovative evaluation devices, each with its benchmark for identifying their best-matching silicon IP.
We have created the position of "System Architectural Experts" or SAE, as a substitute to traditional FAE, for their dedication to analyze our users' systems and propose alternative architectures for optimizing the relevant "Figure of Merit" (FoM). It has resulted in the development of missing steps in the integration flow, especially for low-power consumption.

Over more than 30 years of experiencing the evolution and growth of the design and IP market, users have expressed their satisfaction in the quality and performance of our offering and support through testimonies.
Furthermore, major actors of the semiconductor industry have recognized the added value of our offering, the uniqueness of our EDA solutions and the expertise of our integration services by giving us their meaningful awards in various domains.

To provide our users with complete solutions, we are working actively to gather relevant ecosystems to benefit from complementary offerings and expertise provided by cooperative partners. Typically, the difficulty for software developers to get all the needed solutions, for optimizing their application programs, has resulted in drawing a rich ecosystem compliant with our microcontroller family.

Our involvement in cooperative funded R&D projects is an invaluable way to accelerate the upgrades of our offering and expertise in targeted domains of the semiconductor industry. These projects enable to reach jointly state-of-the-art performances and to ensure a high level of relevant innovation.

This is why we stand at the cutting edge and we invite you to join us through our active community of users.

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2016 : Open-Silicon Emerging IP Partner of the Year Award in the Low Power IoT Ecosystem

"Dolphin Integration is a leading silicon IP provider for low-power IoT SoCs. In view of the growing demand for low power consumption in IoT devices, we intend to leverage the unique solutions offered by Dolphin Integration to meet the challenges of our IoT customers"

Elias Lozano, Sr. Director of Business Development and IP Solutions at Open-Silicon.

2015 : TSMC Partner of the Year Award for Specialty IP

"Dolphin Integration enriches our ecosystem with low power and high density Foundation IP. This award recognizes their capability to provide a consistent offering of low-power IP in our specific process variants to address the low power consumption requirements of our customers."

Suk Lee, Senior Director of Design Infrastructure Marketing Division

2014 : TSMC Partner of the Year Award for Specialty IP

"Dolphin Integration regularly enriches our ecosystem with a large range of specialty and mainstream IP,” said Suk Lee, TSMC Senior Director, Design Infrastructure, Marketing Division. “This distinction recognizes their capability to provide high quality IP in our specific process variants."

Dynamic-ULP >

High dynamic range multiprocessor for ultra low powermobile devices (CATRENE)


Ultra-low power IC for secure RF applications


Innovative solution regarding verification, safety and security for critical systems

GyroWing >

Address environmental issue and passenger comfort


Building the Design & Development Ecosystem for FD-SOI-technology


Control of the distribution of the power supplies and associated regulator systems

EDA SoC project & outcomes >

Electronics and system-on-chip for increasing functionality and services of defense applications


"Dolphin Integration clearly and quickly understood our specific needs within the medical device market, to customize their existing low power digital library at 180 nm for us to deliver 0.8V operation. Thanks to the unique architecture of SESAME eLC-DV and Dolphin Integration's low power expertise, we in turn can offer our customers an ultra-low power mixed signal IC solution for use in their medical and portable applications. Dolphin Integration's library was easily integrated into our infrastructure and design flow and that's always helpful to expedite the design process."

James McDonald, CEO - Cactus Semiconductor

"The emergence of powerful voice recognition algorithms drives the growth of connected devices controlled by voice, where voice recognition and ultra-low power technologies are key to delivering the optimal user experience. The complete set of Foundation, Feature and Fabric IPs of Dolphin Integration will allow us to demonstrate fast and safely a human-machine interaction system relying on a C-Sky microcontroller-based SoC platform."

Thomas Xu, Marketing VP of C-Sky

"Dolphin Integration’s Silicon IPs, already silicon proven in a representative low-power SoC test chip, allow us to deliver best in class power consumption figures in stand-by as well as very fast switching time between different operating Voltage / Frequency points. Furthermore, integrating those components into our SoC reduces significantly the overall system BOM while greatly simplifying the system design around GAP8. [...] FPGA demos of GAP8 are available to customers today, and GAP8 samples will be available in mid-2017."

Loic Lietar, co-founder and CEO of GreenWaves Technologies

"When we first discovered Dolphin Integration, we had in mind to acquire some vital Silicon IPs. Their intensive pre-sales support made us realize that they could provide us with a complete set of SoC Fabric IPs together with the transfer of know-how for implementing safely our low-power SoC."

Shawn Zhong, CEO - Hisense Microelectronics

"Dolphin Integration enriches our ecosystem with low power and high density Foundation IP. This award recognizes their capability to provide a consistent offering of low-power IP in our specific process variants to address the low power consumption requirements of our customers."

Suk LEE, Senior Director of Design Infrastructure Marketing Division - TSMC


Benchmark for libraries

We provide you with

  • a step by step benchmarking process besides the irrelevant comparison between NAND2s for standard cells
  • a benchmark method for comparing efficiently and objectively memory generators

Learn more...

Benchmark for audio

Benchmark for audio

We provide you with a reference testbenchs and procedures in order to evaluate the performances of any Voice Activity Detection (VAD) system.

Learn more...

MyDolphin >

  • Memory compilers to evaluate performances with presentation sheet material on products
  • Results of our Standard Cell library - Sesame uHD - on Motu-Uta Benchmark
  • Audio demonstration of our innovative features
  • Overview of customer case-study tutorial product


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