Panoply offering

The emergence of powerful voice recognition algorithms drives the growth of connected devices controlled by voice, where voice recognition and ultra-low power technologies are key to delivering the optimal user experience. The complete set of Foundation, Feature and Fabric IPs of Dolphin Integration will allow us to demonstrate fast and safely a human-machine interaction system relying on a C-Sky microcontroller-based SoC platform.
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Thomas Xu, Marketing VP of C-Sky


Read or watch the complete interview of Eric Flamand, speaking about a breakthrough SoC for IoT applications and sharing its experience of cooperating with Dolphin Integration.

Eric Flamand, co-founder and CTO of GreenWaves Technologies


Dolphin Integration’s Silicon IPs, already silicon proven in a representative low-power SoC test chip, allow us to deliver best in class power consumption figures in stand-by as well as very fast switching time between different operating Voltage / Frequency points. Furthermore, integrating those components into our SoC reduces significantly the overall system BOM while greatly simplifying the system design around GAP8. [...] FPGA demos of GAP8 are available to customers today, and GAP8 samples will be available in mid-2017.
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Loic Lietar, co-founder and CEO of GreenWaves Technologies


Dolphin Integration is a leading silicon IP provider for low-power IoT SoCs. In view of the growing demand for low power consumption in IoT devices, we intend to leverage the unique solutions offered by Dolphin Integration to meet the challenges of our IoT customers
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Elias Lozano, Senior Director of Business Development and IP Solutions - Open-Silicon
Power Management IPs

When we first discovered Dolphin Integration, we had in mind to acquire some vital Silicon IPs. Their intensive pre-sales support made us realize that they could provide us with a complete set of SoC Fabric IPs together with the transfer of know-how for implementing safely our low-power SoC.
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Shawn Zhong, CEO - Hisense Microelectronics


Standard Cell Libraries & Memory compilers

Dolphin Integration enriches our ecosystem with low power and high density Foundation IP. This award recognizes their capability to provide a consistent offering of low-power IP in our specific process variants to address the low power consumption requirements of our customers.
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Suk LEE, Senior Director of Design Infrastructure Marketing Division - TSMC


Dolphin Integration regularly enriches our ecosystem with a large range of specialty and mainstream IP. […] This distinction [TSMC’s 2014 Award for the Open Innovation Platform’s Partner of the Year in the category of Specialty IP components] recognizes their capability to provide high quality IP in our specific process variants.
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Suk Lee, Director of Design Infrastructure Marketing - TSMC


Dolphin Integration enable Enverv to reach requirements of Smart metering applications. Thanks to the unique architecture of SESAME BIV TSMC 65nm LP and Dolphin Integration’s low leakage expertise, we can save battery life and reduce our die cost in this growing market of smartgrid and smarthome.
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Dr. Farrokh Farrokhi, Vice President of Engineering - Enverv


Thanks to the simplicity of the SESAME uHD-BTF scripts and Dolphin Integration’s low-power expertise, Dongbu HiTek can offer to their users a unique combination of competitive advantages at 130 nm CIS.” explained Jae Song, EVP of Dongbu HiTek’s marketing.
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Jae Song, EVP of marketing - Dongbu HiTek


Dolphin Integration clearly and quickly understood our specific needs within the medical device market, to customize their existing low power digital library at 180 nm for us to deliver 0.8V operation. Thanks to the unique architecture of SESAME eLC-DV and Dolphin Integration's low power expertise, we in turn can offer our customers an ultra-low power mixed signal IC solution for use in their medical and portable applications. Dolphin Integration's library was easily integrated into our infrastructure and design flow and that's always helpful to expedite the design process.
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James McDonald, CEO - Cactus Semiconductor


Dolphin’s memories satisfy our demanding requirements for ultra low power and we are pleased to engage with Dolphin for provision of both RAM and ROM. The integration of its solutions will help us to deliver our revolutionary technology which I am sure will change the face of consumer GPS applications in the very near future.
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David Tester, Co-founder and CTO - Air Semiconductor


Cost reduction with Dolphin Integration’s SESAME results from its simple structure facilitating controlled optimization at both the Synthesis and Place-and-route stages, and we appreciate being among the first to benefit from this timely innovation
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Mr. C.C. TSAI, CTO - Himax


Dolphin team's prompt response to varies questions we came up with. Without the close cooperation between our two companies, we would not have finished the design with a newly developed library in such short time. In terms of support, Dolphin is one of the best in my experience.
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Yongyao Cai, Director of Technology Partnership and Development - MEMSIC


Audio converter IPs & Data converter IPs

Meeting the right balance between silicon costs, audio quality and low power consumption is a challenging task. The YANZI-A-hexADC-VD.01, a feature-rich audio ADC from Dolphin Integration, packs all these advantages into our smart speaker offering.
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Guoxin ZHANG, Dean - Mnano


Our cooperation with Dolphin Integration extends our process offering for the IoT market and provides a total solution comprising a dedicated low leakage process, carefully tailored for low power applications using a long list of Silicon IPs offered by Dolphin Integration. This is in addition to our process customization capabilities to match specific customer’s needs
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Mr. Ilan Rabinovich, World Wide VP Q&R and MS/CMOS Business Unit - TowerJazz


We are pleased to present this award [2011 TSMC IP Partner Award for Analog/Mixed-Signal IP] to Dolphin Integration based on their TSMC9000 compliance and good feedback from customers.
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Suk LEE, Director of Design Infrastructure Marketing - TSMC


We already have licensed several audio Codecs from Dolphin. But their new generation of audio Codecs should help us reach new heights. First, the power consumption of their DAC is amazingly low. In playback mode, the total power consumption of the DAC with a Class AB headphone amplifier does not exceed 7 mW! This translates into a much longer usage on battery for our end-users. Second, this audio Codec relies on their new and patented technology for reducing pop-up noise below an audible level. Last but not least, they have enhanced their audio Codec architecture to significantly reduce the out-of-band noise, which shall facilitate the performance appreciation by our users, even those which do not own a test equipment dedicated to audio measurement.
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Jin ZHANG, CTO - Ingenic Semiconductor


We are enthusiastic about this alliance [Note: strategic partnership for Portable Media Players]. As a leading foundry that is recognized worldwide, we wanted the benefit of relying on Dolphin’s robust audio virtual components for providing customers with the best performance mix for high volume SoCs.
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Henry Liu, Senior Director of Design Services - SMIC


We were convinced by the performance and quality of DOLPHIN's embedded memories, most power-stingy but their offering of a practical and low-cost development tool is instrumental for spreading our products efficiently in a world and at a time where old habits do not survive"
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Marshall Lee, PTC VP of Engineering - PRINCETON Technology


Microcontroller IP cores

The choice of the Dolphin Integration's cache controller for our SoC was an excellent trade-off between price, performance and low power consumption compared to other offers such as ARM. We are highly confident for the integration phase, which is simplified by the support of standard interfaces. The innovative self-adaptive module, dynamically upgrading cache configuration according to the executed program, is very helpful in targeting very low power applications that require performance.
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Xingmin , Sale Manager - HiTrend


During our exchanges with Dolphin Integration, we were convinced by the different levels of support offered by this Silicon IP provider. Indeed, we performed a complete review of the deliverables with the Dolphin Integration FAE, which gave us the possibility to get a deep understanding of the product, and to quickly master its use.
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Tina CHEN, Vice-President of R&D - Genesys Logic Inc.


We are pleased to cooperate with Dolphin Integration to provide a professional music experiencing with the right cost and power consumption. We had to by-pass its limits in terms of the old SoC computing power and we had initially contemplated replacing it with Dolphin’s silicon IP core offering better cost-performance rating. Our targeted users are sensitive to cost as well as to power consumption. Dolphin Integration appeared as a better choice for our multimedia SoCs in many respects: overall silicon area saving, memory and power consumption reduction, while overall performance is improved.
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Vincent Lin, Vice-President of Marketing - Actions Semiconductor


We also selected the MCU core from Dolphin Integration for its reliability. This MCU core has already demonstrated its maturity, as it was used in ASICs designed for replacing standard components after their obsolescence.
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Ryan Xu, CTO - Beijing TMC


The addition of the 8051 microprocessor core provides a valuable asset to SMIC’s IP portfolio. Dolphin’s tools give SMIC customers more design and simulation support to minimize time-to-market.
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Paul Ouyang, Vice President of Design Services - SMIC