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Thanks to the support of the major hardware description languages (SPICE, Verilog, VHDL, Verilog-AMS and VHDL-AMS) as well as their flexibility and interoperability, our EDA Solutions can address a wide range of applications.

Mixed Signal Design

User configurable netlisting configuration
Automatic insertion of interface devices between logic and analog parts of the circuit
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Behavioral Modeling and Simulation

Early estimation of circuit performances
Fast simulation runtime
Mixing of SPICE and behavioral models
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Multiphysics Systems Modeling & Simulation

Take into account both the electrical and mechanical phenomena
VHDL-AMS and Verilog-A modeling
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Virtual Prototyping (Automotive)

VHDL-AMS and Verilog-A modeling
VDA library support
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Application Engineering

Optimization of system performances with high level subsystem modeling
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Power Management Network Verification

Verification through simulation of the robustness of the power management network at architectural stage
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Assertion-based Verification

PSL and SVA support Securing a design with embedded assertions
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