Specific licensing models

For R&D centers, universities and students

Dolphin Integration has developped a specific licensing model dedicated to universities, students and R&D centers (with no commercial purpose). It has been defined to cover the expectations of both teaching and researching.

Three attractive bundles are available:

  • Lecture: 1 license for lecturer's use
  • Tutorial: 1 license for lecturer's use + 5 licenses for students
  • Workshop: 1 license for lecturer's use + 10 licenses for students

All licenses delivered in the frame of this specific licensing model are floating and multi-platform (Windows, Linux).

See below the available university package:

  • Multi domain modeling & simulation

Note that all of our EDA solutions are also available separately.

Europractice is the reseller of DOLPHIN Integration’s EDA solutions for universities based in Europe.

Image of a classroom


Free solutions for your students!

The Discovery options have been designed to allow students to do their homework on their personal computers without needing to be connected to the university network.

  • SLED: design and save your schematics without any limitations
  • SMASH: simulate any analog circuit using models of classic transistors without limitations, as well as any mixed-signal circuits with a number of components sufficient for students' homework.
  • Receive our catalog