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Dolphin Integration powers its offering of microcontroller cores with a complete application software development and debug platform.

SmartVision™ comes as an upgrade to μVision™ IDE from Keil as it adds the means to model the complete microcontroller sub-system and not only the core processor with its traditional peripherals.

The use of SmartVision™ IDE for application software development and debug is two-fold:

  • In simulation thanks to modeling of the sub-system, including peripherals and memories
  • On-chip combined with an In-Circuit Emulator (ICE), BIRD™ Owl, and an USB adapter, S-Link
Image of a SmartVison debug window
Overview of SmartVision™ IDE

With SmartVision™, debug of the application software can start prior to any prototyping!

Key benefits of SmartVision™ and BIRD™

  • Intuitive interface to build a wide range of complete sub-systems, including multi-processors, their peripherals and memories
  • Reuse of existing μvision projects for 8051, 80251 thanks to the integration of Keil compilation toolchain
  • Extensible library of C / Verilog models of microcontroller cores, memories and peripherals
  • ISS for application software development and debug
    • Waveform viewer to display peripheral activity and signals
  • Support of Non Volatile Memories (NVM)
  • BIRD™ Owl and SmartLink (S-Link) for efficient on- chip debug
    • Scalable embedded debug solution enabling to achieve the optimal trade-off between debugging features and silicon cost

Code coverage analysis

Profiling by functions

Overview of Dolphin Integration offering for application software development and debug

S-Link USB adapter

  • 2-wire TWIG interface
  • 4-wire JTAG interface

BIRD™ Programmer,
the powerful NVM software programming interface used for an efficient application software programming during mass production.

Video demonstration to discover SmartVision™ IDE

View how simple it is to create a sub-system with SmartVision™ IDE

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