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SmartVision™, the "All Inclusive" Integrated Development Tool for RISC-V and 80251 microcontrollers

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Dolphin Integration powers its offering of microcontroller cores with a complete and integrated platform for application software development, debug and power consumption estimation.

The use of SmartVision™ IDE for application software development and debug is two-fold:

  • In simulation thanks to modeling of the sub-system, including peripherals and memories and power consumption estimation
  • On-chip combined combined with an In-Circuit Emulator (ICE), BIRD™, and an USB adapter named S-Link

View how simple it is to create a sub-system with SmartVision™ IDE

SmartVision™, an Integrated Development Environment for custom microcontroller subsystems

Unlike most IDEs, SmartVision™ provides an intuitive interface to build simulation models of the target subsystem by assembling instruction accurate models of processors with behavioral models of memories and peripherals through transactional level bus models.

Those models are very well suited for application software development and to anticipate the impact of architectural choices on the whole system's performances. Custom component models can be created using SmartVision open API.

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IDE models

SmartVision™, advanced debug features to investigate complex dysfunctions

In addition to standard debug features such as simple breakpoints, memory views, variables / expressions watches… SmartVision introduces the Breakpoint Composer, an innovative way of capturing and detecting complex behaviors.

The Breakpoint Composer provides means to combine simple events detections with operations to trigger specific actions.

IDE Breakpoint

Consequently, it is possible to verify that only a given function will access to a given peripheral, or that the boot sequence time of the system or data throughput of an algorithm meets the circuit requirements.

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IDE Breakpoint

SmartVision™, enabling safe power consumption optimization

Power consumption estimation helps anticipating the impact of architectural choices on the whole system performances. With its flexible API, SmartVision™ makes it possible to model power optimization techniques such as Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) and simulate their impact on performances while ensuring functionnality is not affected.

In addition, modelling and simulating our Power Management Controller Unit called Maestro™ can help SoC integration designers to design safely the activity control of the multi-power domains SoC. SmartVision™ IDE then offers the possibility to simulate the SoC power modes and to run the associated functional software verifications early in the SoC design flow.

SmartVision™ includes an Energy Profiling tool showing the contribution of each software function to power consumption and where to concentrate optimization efforts.

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IDE Power Consumption

SmartVision™, an IDE for the RISC-V community

SmartVision™ provides the required models for the development of a complete RISC-V System on Chip: configurable RISC-V processors, memories and peripherals.

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