SCROOGE Power Consumption Estimator

SCROOGE TLA (Topographical load analysis) is the power consumption analyzer for simulating mixed-signal power consumption hierarchically. Whereas common solutions enable statistical or average power consumption analysis, the main advantage of SCROOGE TLA is to provide hierarchical evaluation of power consumption: both logic (leakage and dynamic) and analog, during transient simulation.

It is the solution of choice for companies pondering how to take a step toward efficient power estimations. Its unique capability to provide results for a complete mixed-signal design enables precise power optimizations and sizing of the components (DC-DC, power switch...).

SCROOGE TLA is the ideal solution even for users with layout, P&R or power analyzer tools, as it can predict performance accurately on the basis of synthesis only.

Mixed-signal power consumption analysis finally becomes easy!

Key Benefits of SCROOGE, the power consumption estimator

  • Integrate SCROOGE TLA easily in your flow thanks to the use of standard formats
  • Reduce power consumption all along the design chain through accurate transient analysis of the peaks on your SoC
  • Optimize the sequencing of your SoC, by identifying the most consuming parts, without any need for P&R data
  • Avoid design iterations with your P&R provider with clock tree emulation available after synthesis








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