The SIRIUS Mixed analog-digital ASIC developed for the LOFT LAD and WFM instruments
SPIE 2014
A. Bonzo, A. Cros, D. Rambaud, E. Moutaye, L. Ravera, D. Barret, P. Caïs, R. Clédassou, P. Bodin, JY. Seyler, M. Feroci, C. Labanti, Y. Evangelista...

June 30, 2014

We report on the development and characterization of the low-noise, low power, mixed analog-digital SIRIUS ASICs for both the LAD and WFM X-ray instruments of LOFT. The ASICs we developed are reading out large area silicon drift detectors (SDD). Stringent requirements in terms of noise (ENC of 17 e- to achieve an energy resolution on the LAD of 200 eV FWHM at 6 keV) and power consumption (650 μW per channel) were basis for the ASICs design. These SIRIUS ASICs are developed to match SDD detectors characteristics: 16 channels ASICs adapted for the LAD (970 microns pitch) and 64 channels for the WFM (145 microns pitch) will be fabricated. The ASICs were developed with the 180nm mixed technology of TSMC.

Keywords: mix ASIC, Xray, low power, low noise, CPA, shaper, LOFT, Analog Front End, high performance.

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