Complete offering at 28 nm for multimedia applications


The advanced process nodes have increased the challenges of density for analog circuitry of consumer applications. Multimedia devices require low-power consumption either for avoiding circuit heat or for extending battery lifetime.

Fabless suppliers must strive to reduce power consumption of their SoCs with new means. Even when the appropriate foundry process and Silicon IP have been selected, the overall power consumption of SoCs can still be optimized through a power domain architecture. It requires a wise management of voltage and power islands.

Going beyond providing a set of low-power optimized Silicon IP components, Dolphin Integration addresses the challenge of a consistent offering enabling a low‑power SoC design for the needs of Multimedia devices, based on a true master of the networks coming as a fabric in the SoC design.

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  • Control Network - MAESTRO - with its EDA solution to optimize the modules building this network - SmartVision™
  • Power Management Network - DELTA - with its EDA solution to optimize the overall power consumption of the SoC - PowerVision™

Targeted Applications

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Key benefits of Dolphin Integration's offering

Shorter time-to-market thanks to a one-stop-shop Silicon IP provider offering 3 domains of expertise
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Focus on Multimedia & Low-Power applications

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