Embedded memory IP: Single-Port SRAMs


Foundry sponsored - Single Port SRAM compiler - TSMC 55 uLPeFlash - Memory optimized for high density and low power - Dual Voltage - compiler range up to 320 k


    • REACH THE HIGHEST DENSITY Thanks to smart periphery design Typically up to 20% gain in density versus alternative HD-LP RAM depending on instance configuration Using Pushed Rules Foundry bitcell EXTEND BATTERY LIFE Designed with partitioned array to reach ultra low power consumption at 1.2 V +/-10% and 0.9 V +/-10% Support a couple of power saving modes: stand by and data retention mode Minimum data retention mode for ultra low leakage saving: 0.55 V +/-10% (optional) MAKE INTEGRATION EASIER MUX option enabling several performance tradeoffs and form factor Data range flexibility allows easy addition of bits for ECC purposes Address range flexibility allows easy addition of single rows for redundancy purposes Embedded extinction&retention switchs (ERS optional) ENABLE RIGHT ON FIRST PASS DESIGN Complete mismatch validation of the memory architecture taking in account local and global dispersion Extended validation for high coverage rate of the compiler DECREASE TIME TO MARKET Multi foundries support using the same architecture


VT Bit cell
VT Periphery
Operating Voltage
Option mode
55 uLP_eFlash
Nominal voltage:
1.2 V +/-10% and 1.3V +/-10%

Low voltage:
0.9 V +/-10% and 1.0 V +/-10% and 1.1 V +/-10%
256 bits - 320 Kbits
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