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Product:Flip80251 Typhoon

Flip80251 Typhoon looks like an 8051 from the outside while benefiting from the capabilities of an 80251 inside!


Flip80251 Typhoon provides a natural upgrade path from 8051-based application thanks to its 8-bit interfaces.
Flip80251 Typhoon delivers a processing power of 0.22 DMIPS/MHz, up to 24 times higher than standard 8051.
Flip80251 Typhoon looks like an 8051 from the outside while benefiting from the capabilities of an 80251 inside!
It is the best compromise for 8051-based application requiring impressive processing power improvements when no hardware modifications are possible.

Key Benefits of Flip80251 Typhoon

  • Compatibility with 8051 microcontrollers
    • 8-bit SFR bus and memory interfaces compatibility avoiding hardware modifications and enabling reuse of peripherals developed for 8051
    • 8051 compatible memory mapping facilitating reuse of existing application software in assembly mode
    • Optional 100 % binary code compatibility
    • Easy performance upgrade from existing 8051-based circuit
  • Improved performances compared to standard 8051
    • x24 times faster
    • x8 times less consuming
    • Bigger address space
    • Superior code density enabling to use smaller and thus lower power memories
  • Architecture specificities
    • 8-bit like architecture with 80251 performances
  • Power modes: idle (core clock off), clock down (core and peripherals clock off)



Block Diagram

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Key Features and Performances

  • Architecture: 4-stage pipeline
  • Computing power:
    • from 0.17 to 0.25 DMIPS/MHz
    • 0.33 Coremark/MHz
  • Address space: 16 Mbytes
  • ALU: 8-bit or 16-bit
  • Peripheral bus: 8-bit
  • Nested interrupt controllers: up to 10
Performances per process node*
Power Consumption (µA/DMIPS)
Area (mm2)
Maximum frequency (MHz)

*Evaluation conditions
Use of the high density and power optimized Sesame libraries from Dolphin Integration
Configuration: CPU + 1 timer + I/O ports
SS, Vdd-10%, 125°C, 50 MHz
post-synthesis (no P&R) with clock gating, no scan insertion


To suit all user requirements, the set of peripherals delivered with Flip80251 Typhoon is entirely configurable.
Among its peripheral offering, Dolphin Integration can provide R-Stratus, a cache controller enabling speed improvement and power consumption minimization when using Non Volatile Memories (eFlash, EEPROM...)


Internet of Things, LCD Controller, Touchscreen, Industrial, Smart Card, Power Metering, Medical, RFID, Image Processing

Development tools

SmartVision, Innovative IDE for application software development and debug

µVision4, µVision from Keil for application software development and debug

BIRD Falcon on-chip debugger for hardware debug

  • Scalable embedded debug solution enabling to achieve the optimal trade-off between debugging features and silicon cost
  • Debug software embedded in SmartVision or BIRD Nest as an add-on to uVision
  • S-Link USB adapter
    • 2-wire TWIG interface
    • 4-wire JTAG interface
    • cost effective
    • high debug performances

Overview of SmartVision interface

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Libraries of Standard cells and memories

  • optimized for high density and low power consumption
  • enabling island partitioning

Power regulators to build an optimized SoC architecture for the lowest power consumption

High resolution analog converters for audio or measurement applications


  • Verilog or VHDL netlist
  • Source code (optional)
  • Testbench with documentation for checking the functionality of any configuration of the Flip80251 Hurricane at any representation level (RTL down to silicon).

Robustness is ensured

For more than 15 years, Dolphin Integration has built a testsuite for checking the functionality of any configuration of the Flip80251 Typhoon at any representation level (RTL down to silicon).The testbenches have evolved a lot thanks to users feedback.
The testbench is delivered with its documentation to our microcontroller core users so that they can apply it on their own project and ensure functionality.

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