Catalog of Body Biasing
Product: ABB-PVT.02 GlobalFoundries 22 nm

Adaptive Body-Bias Subsystem enabling Process, Voltage & Temperature compensation to leverage FDSOI body-biasing capabilities


All-in-one IP including body-bias voltage regulator, low power sensors and control loop
Foundation IP independent
Ultra-wide voltage range
Support of Forward Body-Biasing and Reverse Body-Biasing

Key Benefits

    • Provides up to 7x energy-efficiency gain at low voltage
    • Provides up to 2x energy-efficiency gain for high performance applications


  • Battery-operated IoT devices
  • Ultra-low power MCU
  • BLE, NB-IoT

Technical information

  • Optimization: Low power
  • Foundry: GlobalFoundries
  • Geometry: 22
  • Process variant: FDX
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