Catalog of Composite regulators
Product: RAR-eSR-qLR-[1.62-3.63]-[0.55-2.5].02 TSMC 55 nm

Retention Alternative Regulator, combines high efficiency in normal mode and ultra-low quiescent current for sleep mode, DELTA standard


The RAR-iLR-qLR.01 Retention Alternating Regulator enables this combination embedding two regulation sub-components: a switching regulator (eSR) and an ultra low quiescent linear regulator (qLR). A Regulation Control Unit (RCU) manages booting and transitions between each regulation functions.

Key Benefits

    • Ideal regulator for power and voltage islets Embedded RCU (Regulator Control Unit) to manage booting and mode transitions and to ensure data integrity Configurable output drive before delivery to fit the application Performances in sleep mode: qLR with low quiescent current: 0.2 µA Can supply always-on loads up to 300 μA Accessible voltage reference can be used by wake-up circuitry Performances in normal mode: PFM embedded mode allowing high-efficiency at low load High Efficiency (up to 95% peak efficiency) Low Bill-of-Material: fully integrated feedback and active compensation loop to reduce the number of additional external passive components Low Output Ripple Over-temperature/Over-current protected Output

Key Features

Minimum value
Typical value
Maximum value
Input Voltage
1.62 V
3.63 V
Output Voltage
0.55 V
2.5 V
Output current configuration
100 mA - 200 mA - 500 mA
Quiescent current typical value
IMAX = 100 mA in normal mode 1 mA in retention mode
250 nA

Technical information

  • Optimization: Low power;High efficiency
  • Foundry: TSMC
  • Geometry: 55
  • Process variant: uLP_eFlash
  • Embedded features:
    • Voltage reference Over current and temperature protection Soft-start: in-rush current limitation ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection structures Regulation OK (ROK) signal inform that the booting sequence and the output is maintaining regulation HiZ mode for an output in high impedance state Power-down (shut-off)
  • Add-ons:
    • Over-voltage protection module (OPM) required for 2.7 to 5.5 V and 1.9 to 4.4 V input voltage range. The OPM enables over-voltage operation (up to 5.5 V) while using standard process 3.3 V devices. Power-On-Reset and Brown-On-Reset circuit (POR-BOR) Temperature sensor Power ON indicator
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