Catalog of Composite regulators
Product: RAR-eSR-qLR-ref-[1.62-3.63]-[0.55-2.5].04 TSMC 40 nm

Retention Alternative Regulator, combines high efficiency in normal mode and ultra-low quiescent current for sleep mode, DELTA standard


The RAR-eSR-qLR Retention Alternating Regulator combines two regulation sub-components: a high-efficiency switching regulator (eSR) and an ultra low quiescent linear regulator (qLR). A Regulation Control Unit (RCU) manages booting and transitions between each regulation functions.

Key Benefits

    • Ideal regulator for power and voltage islets
    • Embedded RCU (Regulator Control Unit) to manage booting and mode transitions and to ensure data integrity
    • Configurable output drive before delivery to fit the application
    • High Efficiency (up to 95% peak efficiency)

Key Features

Minimum value
Typical value
Maximum value
Input Voltage
1.62 V
3.63 V
Output Voltage
0.55 V
2.5 V


  • IoT

Technical information

  • Optimization: Low Bill-of-Material
  • Foundry: TSMC
  • Geometry: 40
  • Process variant: uLP_eFlash
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