SoC FABRIC IPs for Energy Management

Under the spotlight at microelectronics symposiums this fall
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IP-SoC 2017
Grenoble, France, Dec. 6-7, 2017

Speech presentation:

  • "Cost-effective design of next generation ultra-low power SoCs - More intelligent design needed" introduced by Frederic Renoux, eVP Sales et Marketing
    Dec. 6 - 8:50 am
  • "Concerned about security ? Don't leave your memories unprotected" introduced by Ilan Sever, Israel subsidiary General Manager
    Dec. 7 - 11:00 am

Live demonstration: WhisperTrigger, ultra-low power Voice Activity Detector IP

Get a head start

In a bid to lower power consumption in sleep and active modes, companies face increased complexity in SoC architectures and in their implementation.
Designers can now rely on breakthrough SoC Fabric IPs to safely manage energy management in any SoC, whatever its complexity: partitioned with power islands, supporting AVFS/DVFS or body biasing...

Meet us this fall to discover how adopting our complete solution of Fabric IPs can help designers enhance SoC PPA by up to 30%, save up to 4 months of TTM and reduce design risks significantly.

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