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8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit microcontroller IP cores and embedded software development tool


Dolphin Integration offers a wide range of microcontroller cores, starting with the 8-bit industry standard 8051, extended with 16-bit 80251 compatible, and going up to 32-bit.

All our offering was build in order to insure a smooth evolution from CISC solutions to new generation of RISC microcontrollers 16 and 32-bit.

Various peripherals such as I/O ports, timers, co-processors, memory interface... are also available to fit specific application requirements.

Together with its microcontrollers cores, Dolphin Integration provides the most efficient application software development solution SmartVision™. SmartVision™ embeds advanced application software debug capabilities thanks to the modeling and simulation of the complete sub-system including processors, memories and peripherals. SmartVision™ also includes BIRD™ for on-chip debug.

The microcontroller offering from Dolphin Integration enables SoC designers to drastically reduce their Time-To-Market with the most optimized solution for their application requirements.

Image of Rock team offering

Overview of Microcontroller cores offering

Product name
Flip8051-Cyclone Flip80251-Typhoon Flip80251-Hurricane RISC-351-Zephyr
Cache controller, Timers, PCA, I2C, SPI, UART, I/O Ports, Interrupt controller...
    Co-processor interface
µvision™ & CA51 SmartVision™ & SmartCC80251 or CA251 SmartVision™ & SmartCC351
BIRD™ with 4-wire JTAG interface BIRD Owl™ with 4-wire JTAG or 2-wire TWIG interfaces BIRD Falcon™ with 4-wire JTAG or 2-wire TWIG interfaces
Typical application requirements
Low activity with ultra low leakage High volume with mid-range performance and low power