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Catalog of microcontroller IP cores, embedded software development tool and cache controller


Power consumption of Dolphin Integration’s microcontroller cores versus processing power*
Microcontroller cores
RISC-351 Zephyr is the 32-bit microcontroller RISC successor of 80251 optimized for low power and code density.
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RISC-351 Zephyr is the 32-bit microcontroller RISC improved with retention ready features
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Flip80251 Hurricane is the ultimate 16-bit compatible with 8051, more than 11 times less consuming than standard 8051!
Flip80251 Hurricane
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Flip80251 Typhoon looks like an 8051 from the outside while benefiting from the capabilities of an 80251 inside!
Flip80251 Typhoon
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Flip8051 Cyclone is a true 8051 processor offering power consumption and processing power improvements compared to standard 8051.
Flip8051 Cyclone
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Development Tools
Build-In Real-time Debugger for microcontroller cores from Dolphin Integration
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Innovative IDE for application software development and debug
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Cache Controller
AHB compliant Cache controller to meet growing demand for both energy efficient and faster SoC with NVM
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