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A configurable subsystem for IoT Low-Power SoC based on RISC-V Core

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Microcontroller subsystems & IDE

Microcontroller subsystems

Microcontroller IP Cores

A wide range of microcontroller cores, starting with the 8-bit industry standard 8051, extended with 16-bit 80251 compatible, and going up to RISC-V 32-bit.

All Dolphin Integration offering was built in order to insure a smooth evolution from the wide know 8051 legacy solutions to a new generation of RISC-V 32-bits microcontrollers.


Various peripherals such as a AHB compliant Cache controller, I/O ports, timers, serial interfaces, memory interface...

SmartVision™ IDE

A complete offering for software development and debug

SmartVision™ IDE embeds advanced application software debug capabilities thanks to the modeling and simulation of the complete sub-system including processors, memories and peripherals.

BIRD™, a full featured on-chip debug solution suitable for die area optimized microcontrollers.

"We selected the MCU core from Dolphin Integration for its reliability. Dolphin Integration's MCU core has already demonstrated its maturity, as it was used in ASICs designed to replace standard components after their have become obsolete."

CTO - Beijing TMC

“The choice of the Dolphin Integration’s cache controller for our SoC was an excellent trade-off between price, performance and low power consumption compared to other offers such as ARM. We are highly confident for the integration phase, which is simplified by the support of standard interfaces. The innovative self-adaptive module, dynamically upgrading cache configuration according to the executed program, is very helpful in targeting very low power applications that require performance.”

Sale Manager - HiTrend

RISC-V SoC Subsystem

The RISC-V Tornado platform is a configurable AMBA based SoC subsystem allowing our user to customize the platform depending on its application requirements. It is compatible with our RISC-V processors and embeds a set of preconnected peripherals fitting SoC requirements. Learn more...

Learn more on Dolphin Integration's membership of the RISC-V Foundation.

Peripherals offering

  • cache controller silicon IP, R-Stratus-LP
  • I/O ports, timers, serial interfaces, memory interface...

Discover our peripherals offering...

RISC-V platform

32-bits RISC-V processors family

zeroriscy D1
riscy D1
riscy FPU D1
Low power and Area
Performance Processing
DSP and Floating Point processing
2,6 Coremark/MHz
3,2 Coremark/MHz
3,2 Coremark/MHz
Gate Count
From 12kGates
From 40kGates
From 65kGates

8-bits / 16-bits 80x51 processors family

8051 Cyclone
80251 Typhoon
80251 Hurricane
Low activity with ultra low power
Mid Range performances and low power
ALU width
Bus interface width
0,25 DMIPS/MHz
0,39 DMIPS/MHz
Gate Count
From 9 kGates
From 18 kGates
From 20 kGates
Learn more Learn more Learn more

Dolphin Integration powers its offering of microcontroller cores with a complete and integrated platform for application software development, debug and power consumption estimation.

The use of SmartVision™ IDE for application software development and debug is two-fold:

  • In simulation thanks to modeling of the sub-system, including peripherals and memories and power consumption estimation
  • On-chip combined combined with an In-Circuit Emulator (ICE), BIRD™, and an USB adapter named S-Link

RISC-V is a state of the art open-source Instruction Set Architecture on its way to become an industry standard. It benefits from the best design techniques in computer design and has been designed to enable low area and efficient implementations of the microarchitecture.

Dolphin Integration is a member of the RISC-V Foundation which aims to develop a wide ecosystem with +60 members involved in processor, peripherals and embedded software design.

RISC-V foundation website >

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