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Within its fabless design activities,
Dolphin Integration entered in a Wafer Foundry Services Agreement with STMicroelectronics
in order to offer customers an efficient path to ASIC/SoC design and manufacturing
up to production for nanometric technologies

The partnership benefits from:

  • STMicroelectronics’ recognized semiconductor technologies and its strengths in silicon wafer manufacturing.
  • Dolphin’s on-demand ASIC/SoC design capabilities, up to volume production, adapted for any equipment manufacturer even for small/medium volumes.
  • More than 20 years of cooperation, with the best service partner award in 2007, and a shared will to be dynamic actors within the French Silicon Valley.

Key terms of the partnership:

  • ST’s 65nm / 55nm /130nm technology nodes accessible (specific requests for others)
  • Dolphin Integration addressing customers with established process for Design Environment sub licensing
  • For any equipment maker, system house, research laboratories involved in but not limited to professional market (please contact Dolphin for details)
Partnership ST Dolphin


Examples of available technology nodes

  • HCMOS9GP, 130nm technology
    • Triple well
    • 1.2V power supply
    • Multiple Vt transistor
    • 6 Metal layers in standard
    • Standard cells & I/Os libraries
    • RAM (Single & double ports High Speed, Single port Ultra High Density) + BIST & ROM
  • CMOS065LP – CMOS055LP, 65nm & 55nm optical shrink technologies
    • Various power supply from 1V to 2.5V
    • Multiple Vt transistor
    • Up to 7 Metal layers
    • Standard cells (> 800kgates/mm2) & I/Os libraries
    • RAM (Single & double ports High Speed, Single port Ultra High Density) + BIST & ROM
    • PLL/Oscillators, Fuses, …

In addition to this standard offering, feel free to contact Dolphin in order to have complementary information on IPs, extra services (prototyping & packaging), and complementary technologies …