Mixed-Signal design

High-resolution ASIC sensor interface

Matrix for patent demonstration

Digital direct display driver (16x16 pixels) with 768 DACs and 1148 IO pads / prototypes
Logic circuit to control a matrix of pixels / prototypes


High-reliability ASIC

ASIC for high-reliability at 180 nm

Dolphin has designed successfully this circuit for X-ray detection. Dolphin succeeded in the challenging performances of this ASIC.

  • Performances:
    • Low noise < 20 electron rms
    • Full scale range: 22,200 electrons
    • Low power consumption: < 650 µW
    • Temperature Range: [-55°C ∼ +20°C]



This is a good collaboration example between a research laboratory, the CNES and the industry which result in a high performance product.
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ASIC for telecom at 130 nm

Dolphin designed a Mixed Signal circuit integrating ADC, DAC, SERDES and 250 memory instances. Dolphin managed high level of analysis all along the flow (timing, crosstalk, IR-drop etc.) and its packaging.

  • The constraints resulted in high challenges successfully passed by Dolphin:
    • Timing
    • Final die size (more than 60 mm2)
    • Number or RAM: 250