Low Power for Mixed signal Design

Low power design flow
Reducing the power consumption is one of the major issues for SoC designers and Silicon IP providers. Power analysis early in the design flow is key to efficient power reduction, and the EDA solutions must enable deep analysis all along the SoC development.
Harmonie, the Dolphin Integration custom fabless service line, offers wide expertise for low design: optimized design, low power Silicon IPs, and dedicated EDA platform. Its extensive expertise in optimization of design makes HARMONIE the perfect match for your SoC development.
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Sensor Interface in mixed signal design

MEMS in closed-loop
The validation of a MEMS electronic loop (SENSOR + ASIC) can easily become a nightmare without appropriate means for ASIC specification and validation.
The Dummy MEMS is an electrical emulator of the mechanical sensor behavior in closed loop. The main issue for specifying it is to assess with the right accuracy each of its domains of equivalence with the sensor.
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SoC design with MEMS
MEMS Sensors, coupled with SoCs, are becoming mandatory for many industrial applications targeting high resolution. How to ensure the fastest Return-on-Investment, whereas the whole system robustness and yield depend mainly on variations of the MEMS Sensor behavior?
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High-Resolution Mixed-Signal design

ASIC with High-End Resolution converter
Embedding a high resolution converter is essential for many applications. But its performances must not be disturbed by the rest of SoC. Noise disturbance channel control, anti ESD protection, timing constraints, voltage, jitter constraints are as many problems which require an accurate control from the SoC integrator. Until the industrial test of the SoC, where the high resolution converter needs high performances input signals and consuming time tests, it is crucial to develop innovative solutions to make the integration safe and profitable.
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Example: Single chip, eight-channel 16-bit ADC
Your current ADC will be downed by a high voltage noise on its inputs! Not OctAD-16! It can withstand up to 150 V…
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Semiconductor IP

Dolphin Integration contribute to "enabling mixed signal Systems-on-Chip". Our focus is to supply worldwide customers with fault-free, high-yield and reliable kits of CMOS Virtual Components of Silicon IP, based on innovative libraries of standard cells, flexible registers and low-power memories. We provide high-resolution converters for audio and measurement, regulators for efficient power supply networks, and application optimized micro-controllers.
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