Developing a SoC for consumer applications or more generally high volume applications implies to be able to address several challenges: the main ones being the capability to design specific functions, especially when sensitive analog design is involved, the capability to select the right suppliers of the complete design and supply chain (silicon IP suppliers for the design and foundry, packaging house, testing house for the fabrication), the time-to-market for catching the relevant market window, the silicon area because such markets are very price sensitive.

Dolphin Intégration is able to address all these challenges thanks to the know-how accumulated over 30 years and offers to their customers the capability to:
- use Dolphin's IP or select the most appropriate IPs existing on the market thanks to the double competency of the Company, as an IP supplier and as a design service provider; time-to-market is vital and efficiency in that domain may save months
- select the appropriate foundry/process and more generally other suppliers, thanks to their various experience and knowledge about the various processes and flavours and the impacts of the choices on price and schedule
- adapt the size of the design team and the profile of designers to the actual complexity of the SoC to be designed, thanks to a pool of 150 engineers, among them more than 60 analog designers
- optimize the silicon area thanks to the internal culture which allowed us to put on the market the densiest physical libraries and to develop proprietary scripts for logic synthesis and place and route to achieve the smallest SoC area in the allowed schedule.

Several success stories demonstrate the reality of such capabilities (touchscreen controller for smartphone/tablets, ) , through various services from specification to prototypes and then mass production ramp-up or part of this complete chain.