High reliability and space applications

Dolphin offers access to several foundries and technology nodes, suitable for small to moderate volumes. Through its genuine one-stop shop approach, Dolphin became a trusted prime contractor for ASIC/SoC design or FPGA-to-ASIC migration in several mil/aero circuits from specification to production.

In addition, thanks to a partnership network and our 25+ years of experience in libraries of memories, standard cells and I/Os, mixed-signal designs (high resolution converters, low power, etc.) and integration services, Dolphin is able to combine performance and quality in circuit design; matching the needs of customers.

Dolphin proposes its mixed-signal design capabilities and overall industrial chain structure to act as one of the world leading HiRel circuit supplier to OEM’s servicing the wide space industries.

Dolphin Integration services

  • Integrable specification (Feasibility & Architecture study), technology and node recommendation
  • From specifications to design: mixed-signal blocs, Dolphin ViC/IPs or outsourcing, physical implementation applying the MIL/ESCC recommendations (Radiation resilience by design)
  • Alternative plans elaboration: performances, intermediate milestones (test vehicles), MPW/MLM or full mask manufacturing steps, industrial test plans, etc., to secure the results
  • Partners list submission for tests, packaging, radiation campaigns, qualification path in particular with ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD
  • Fabrication, functional test
  • Virtual Fabrication Process (VFP) with correlation between measurements and expectations from modeling and simulations
  • Flight models delivery after qualification completion

Examples of realization

Accessible foundries

  • ATMEL 0.18 & 0.15 SOI
  • UMC- DARE 130/180
  • X-FAB 0.18 & 0.35
  • IHP 0.13 & 0.25
  • OnSemi 0.35
  • AMS 0.18 & 0.35
  • ST 65RH & 28FDSOI

Industrial Chart: from specifications to flight models

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