Example of industrial application: Measurement system

The main challenge for developing an ASIC to interface with a sensor device is to accurate model the sensor device including its interaction with the electronics to be able to predict the MEMS system behavior.

Another main challenge is to ensure the best Return-on-Investment whereas the whole system robustness and yield depend mainly on behavior dispersions of the sensor device which must be taken into account in ASIC design.

Thanks to a deep experience in ASIC and sensor device modeling, Dolphin Integration ensures the stability and yield of the complete system. For ensuring the feasibility and performances, interactions between the sensor device and the electronic part in the MEMS are explored and quantified while the affordable constraints are taking into account. Then, the optimum trade-off is set for meeting economical targets.


Expertizes required for measurement ASIC design

Key Benefits

  • One supplier, with multi-domain knowledge:
    • In-house design of silicon IPs including high-resolution ΔΣ converters:
      • From 80 db to 130dB of SNR, up to 24 bits of resolution
      • Up to few MHz sample rate
    • Sensor modeling for open & closed loop MEMS and its application schematics
  • Design of open-loop electronic systems and sensor parameters adjustment
  • Rigorous methodology for closed-loop system design for reaching the best trade-off between power consumption VS high performances – low noise, resonance frequency etc.
    • Complete know-how for modeling and simulation of the ME+MS sensor + Analog Front-End
    • Feedback force treating separately or combining Sensor activation and force balance

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