Defense Equipment Manufacturers

Dolphin positioned itself as a solid partner for Defense Equipment Manufacturers with an end-to-end solution for both genuine ASIC/SoC on-demand design and ASIC to FPGA migration (and circuit obsolescence management).

Some of the keys benefits

  • Access to foundries and technologies even for small or medium volumes 
  • Cost reduction by gathering several circuits on preferred technology nodes, based on foundry partnerships
  • Ability to adapt the fabrication strategy (MPW, MLR, full mask)
  • Data confidentiality (Defense empowered team, isolated workspace & network, secured accesses, etc.)
  • A single interlocutor up to ready to use circuits, ITAR-free approach on-demand
  • Exchanges through approved encryption solutions (ACID Cryptofiler, ZED, etc.)
  • Large digital & mixed-signal ViC/IP catalog (low power, regulators, etc.)
  • Contractual commitments, including long life product support

Industrial Chart : from specification to fabrication ramp-up …  

Dolphin offering

  • From specifications, RTL or post synthesis Netlist (1) to fabrication, test and delivery
  • Integratable specification (Feasibility & Architecture study)
  • Technology and node selection, design kit delivery and support
  • Design services (Synthesis, Physical Implementation)
  • On-demand specific libraries / memories / blocks designs
  • IP provider, Test House and Packaging House selection and management
  • Testing & Reliability: Design for test; Development of industrial test solution; Qualification (JEDEC / MIL-Std)
  • Prototypes validation & characterization, circuit deliveries and fabrication support (> 10 years)

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