Strong support for the success of your SoC

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We, at Dolphin Integration, aim to be not only an IP provider but a valuable partner dedicated to the success of customers' SoC.

To this end, a team of experienced "Integration and Application Engineers" (IAE) is involved at the earliest stage of the customer relationship. This team then is constantly focused on identifying and providing the best solution for an optimized SoC architecture, in order to meet the expectations in terms of density, power consumption or cost of Bill-of-Material.

This is based on an interactive process involving user and provider, starting from the list of application constraints and a System Synoptic diagram, resulting in preferable SoC synopses. The selection of the most appropriate solution is achieved through a figure-of-Merit tailored to the application requirements along interactive evaluations with users.

Our unique Integration and application engineering team also is deeply involved in the creation of tutorials and user guides to facilitate the utilization of our IP components, in order to reduce user's Time to Market. Our experts especially point-out the risks when designing SoCs for low power consumption and with high resolution functions and they propose the relevant approach to secure SoC performances.

In summary, our IAE's motto is to come up with best advices and solutions, all along the integration process, ensuring the performances and the reliability of the SoC towards the success of our customers.

The business model for customized engineering support service is formalized in the silicon IP Licence Agreement detailing all the operating conditions.