Acquaintance with Dolphin Solution

What is an evaluation kit?

The Evaluation Kits are free and functional solutions that allow discovering our EDA solutions, as long as some design size limitations are not exceeded. The Evaluation Kits are not slide-shows or self-running demos but provide design capabilities. When using an Evaluation Kit, dialogs display the limitations and schematics are marked with an evaluation message. When limitations are exceeded, an explicit error message is displayed.

If you fill the download form from our website, you will automatically receive an email with the link to the installer. No access codes are needed to use it.

The license restricts usage to evaluation purposes. However, you are free to distribute (not to sell!) these Evaluation Kits without any restriction, as long as you do not modify their contents.

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What is Discovery option?

The Discovery options are free options of our EDA solutions allowing to design, model and simulate your logic, analog and mixed-signal circuits as long as the design size does not exceed the limitations detailed here after. The license authorizes the use of Discovery options for any design purposes. Other commercial options of our EDA solutions offer the capability to design, model and simulate unlimited design sizes.

If you enter your hostid on the download form accessible from our website, you will automatically receive access codes to activate the Discovery options of our EDA solutions. Installing these access codes disables the dialogs displayed during the use of the Evaluation Kits and enables its use for teaching or other purposes. An explicit error message is displayed if the Discovery limitations are exceeded.

The access codes for the Discovery options are valid for a period of 6 months.

You should start the Discovery by running the tutorials (available from the download page and installed with the solutions) which guide you through simple examples and provide miscellaneous information.

The Discovery option download is a complete installation of the solution. Therefore, commercial access codes can also be used to enable complete usage. The downloaded installer can of course be used to update your local installation of the solution.

If you feel that you would need a full option (with no size limitations) for acquaintance with bigger designs, please contact your sales representative, time-limited full evaluation licenses can be provided.

Do not wait any longer and download the Evaluation Kits and get access to the Discovery options of our EDA Solutions.

More information on the discovery options of SLED and SMASH.

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